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Hello everyone, I'm Lukas from Poland, sorry for my bad English.

I've been struggling for couple of weeks with similar problem. Left headlight doesn't work on high beam, it's flickering. I thought that the reason was the bulb itself, so I switched them, I took the one from right side and put them into the "flickering" headlight but it didn't change anything, the bulb from left side was working fine (both on low and high beam) on the right side, when the bulb from right headlight flickered on the left. Then I switched the ballast from one side to another, same result.
And then I found out, that the problem could (and probably is) be with the directional headlights mechanism. When I drive straight or turn right the left headlight doesn't work on high beam (low beam is OK). When I start to turn left it turns on and work fine. So there must be something wrong with this directional system. But what could be the case? Broken wire? Bad connection somewhere? Shorting? As you know getting inside the unit requires dismantling it completely. Is there any other way of fixing it?

Thanks for any advice.
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