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tommyd221 12th June 2012 07:13

chud786 12th June 2012 13:39

Looks good!I quite like the high ride height myself but each to their own.
Got any more mods planned?

Hal9000 12th June 2012 15:34

I think it looks good with lower suspension. Is this a major mod?I'd be interested to know if it has any impact on fuel economy. In theory it should improve it

alphanic 12th June 2012 16:36

it looks really good !what spring you using? and hows the ride ? is it harder than the stock ?
what's the height from ground?
im thinking of getting the eibach 25mm lowering spring as my country have lots of potholes and speed bump, too low wont survive :(

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tommyd221 13th June 2012 02:27

I fitted a 40mm lowing kit by H&R ordered from larkspeed.

The ride is firmer that standard but not undriveable, not sure on the height from the ground but it does not scrape on speed bumps and clears curbs when parking.

As i have only had i lowered for a couple of days i have not yet noticed an improvement in fuel economy but hoping it will as i am achieving an average or 41mpg currently (hdi160)

I'm not planning any further mods as the ride height was the only think i did not like about the car.

Dan 13th June 2012 09:00

I really like that and something I would really consider doing, I'm used to cars lower down which sways me slightly.

citroenwrc 13th June 2012 11:54

Must say it looks great I was lucky enough to see the DS4 Racing at Geneva, it will be at Goodwood at the end of the month, but that will cost a lot more, how much did your conversion cost.

Frank The Tank 13th June 2012 19:51

Any chance of a pic of it not raised on a kerb?

I do think they are a bit high and would be interested how it feels after a week or so.

tommyd221 15th June 2012 05:04

Heres a picture of it sitting on level ground.

tommyd221 15th June 2012 05:06

The spring cost 160, as i am a former Citroen master tech i fitted them myself. Probably would cost you 2 to 3 hours labour at a garage + a geometry check.

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