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danlock92 10th February 2015 22:06

Hey all

So as some of you know, I placed an order last month for a 2.0 HDi 160.

For the 2015 models they've replaced this engine with the 2.0 BlueHDi 150, which I don't mind as on paper it's a little quicker, a lot bloody cheaper to tax and a lot better MPG.

It has however put my build date back until April, this makes me sad!

Who knows when the Delivery date will be :(

Frank Bullitt 10th February 2015 23:13

Good news, EU6 compliant and lower tax - however, it will need regular urea top-ups (CAR magazine had their C4 Grand Picasso topped up at about 17k) which has a cost.

danlock92 11th February 2015 09:53

It is very good news, however I'm super impatient so the further wait is going to kill me!

danlock92 14th March 2015 18:12

So the car's left the factory!!

Hopefully have him by the end of the month!! :D

essexpaul 14th March 2015 20:49

Let us know what it like when you get it.We have a DS3 1.6 blue hdi it doing 60 to 73 mpg.Getting my 2.0 DS4 sport back Monday after five weeks with the dealer. Good luck with younew car;n_smiley.gif

danlock92 15th March 2015 12:57

I will definitely miss those mpg's! Although after checking out the 150 blue on the configurator, the 150 is supposed to get 72mpg on a combined cycle. Shall just have to wait and see!

essexpaul 15th March 2015 22:29

Should be good on fuel just don't drive it like you stole it they change anything on the 2015 model?

danlock92 16th March 2015 16:06

I think the Dsport get's keyless entry, think they've taken the different indicator noises away though :'(

Mickle5 16th March 2015 17:17

I discovered the other day that its not just the indicators that change noise! if you change this setting then all noises such as seat belt not on change too!

danlock92 7th April 2015 21:16

Still waiting :(

It arrived in the country last Monday (30th) so I was hoping I'd have it by now, the wait is killing me!!

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