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Gwyn 13th March 2016 13:17

Chris 13th March 2016 14:13

J306TD 13th March 2016 14:30

Looking good.

Erm has the driver of the black C1 ran over someone?

Gwyn 13th March 2016 14:48

No good at this blocking numberplate thingy

Gwyn 13th March 2016 14:59

I took my time as suggested even bought a microfibre towel and 'patted' the whole car dry with it, once the neighbours stopped laughing at me they were impressed.........they must have been.....they asked me when I was going to do it again so they could show some friends.
Edited by: Gwyn

Chris 13th March 2016 20:33

TBH ..This patting dry thing is not really necessaryI've tried both and prefer a wipe. Its quicker and no less safe IMO
What LSP (Wax or Sealant) did you use?

Gwyn 13th March 2016 20:42

I rinsed and shampooed and then used Greased LightningShowRoom Shine, have used it for some years now.

But not the one that for some reason links the above to a different product
Edited by: Gwyn

Chris 13th March 2016 20:50

Oh!Not something I would use..but if you like it........
If I may suggest...
Get some Power Maxed Sealant...It will give the white paint a lovely shine and it can be applied to a wet car and its very durable too

Gwyn 13th March 2016 20:58

Thanks for that I have made a note of it, will give it a try when I have used all the otherone, though it lasts for months, only have to use it very occasionaly

freestyler71 9th February 2017 10:41

i had the choice of the new shape or the older one and i just didnt like the front end on the new one, subjective i know but i think the styling of the front end on my 2014 plate car just looks meaner if thats a word, the chevron grill and front bottom valance just looks way better than the new front

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