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Ravenhawk 20th January 2018 20:51

Hi EveryoneI have a DS4 sport that is almost 4years old (14 Reg) & it has only done 26000 miles. A couple of weeks ago I suddenly has a problem with the clutch pedal not returning to correct position & it has left me now with problems with my gear box. To change gear I have to put my toe under the clutch pedal & make sure it is in the correct position before changing gear & second gear is very noisy. Has anyone else has any similar problems? All comments or question would be very welcome as I am not quite sure what to do as my local dealer is asking for a very large sum of money to correct this & as the age & mileage of the car is very low I would appreciate any help or questions. Thank you.

RussDS4 20th January 2018 20:54

Not had that issue, but try popping into a Mr Clutch if there's one near you. They are generally cheaper than main dealers
The one near me has always done great and honest work. They can give a diagnosis and then you decide how to proceed.Edited by: RussDS4

Rod 1st December 2019 11:20

Hi all I have 2013 ds4 2.0. I was driving along on Friday and was slowing down towards an island and any went to change down to first gear and my clutch pedal went straight to the floor and could not then engage an tawny gears. I pullout over to safe position and in the foot well I found a spring which may day may be came from the clutch pedal somewhere. I cannot find any diagrams of clutch pedal assembly could anyone please advise where this spring goes and how I could carry out the job or any diagrams would be great help. Thanjavur thanks Rod

vexorg 1st December 2019 11:32

The return force comes from the clutch springs itself in the gearbox end.

I found that out when bleeding it, the pedal jumps down with some force and manually needs pulled up when bleeding. Could be something leaking on the hydraulic side if it's not returning, or slave cylinder broken/loose.

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