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StevieB2 27th June 2019 17:47

C4 upgrade to DS4
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Having lived with our 2014 C4 1.6 Airdream EGS6 Exclusive ( Hickory Brown) for 2.5 years..

I had to upgrade to a 2016 DS4 1.6 Blue HDI elegance in Ruby Red.
Exterior, the DS4 looks a much more modern car than the older C4.

Interiors much the same, some things added to what was on C4, but a few missing too..
However, all that is lost with the new EAT6 auto box which is fabulous, compared to the laggy EGS 6 semi auto / manual box of the C4.

From a Citroen dealership, with 2 years DS warranty and assistance included, its Ruby Red metallic, with 17" Canberra's

Curiously the outgoing C4 also had 17" alloys but lower profile / wider tyres.. a bit odd..

I will post my experiences & comparisons in other posts, but the DS is pleasure to drive with a proper auto box.

happy am we, as they say in the West Mids :wink:

Steve B

Out with the old :

and in with the newer ( well newer)

vexorg 28th June 2019 10:44

The interior does look a bit sparse compared to the older ones.

I though 18" was the smallest size of wheel too, what is the tyre size as they seem to sit in the wheel arch nicer than mine.

Overall I prefer the older prefacelift look at the front, the "DS" grill is is just a bit samey as kia and all the rest.

Keith47 28th June 2019 22:01

StevieB2 29th June 2019 08:12

Cheers Keith

StevieB2 29th June 2019 08:28

Hi Dave,
Spose its one of those in the eye of the beholder things, pre or post facelift.

I actually prefer the DS branded version, having had 4 previous Chevron models..(3x c4) & 1 Xsara

According to the specs, under the facelift guise, there are only 2 variants plus the Crossback.

The Elegance, and the Prestige, but the Prestige were always around 2k more than my budget with the EAT6 auto box.
They are higher spec'd with 18" Brisbanes, than the elegance, but sadly, out of reach for me.

The only real reason for my change was the upgrade from EGS6 to EAT6..I was happy with everything else on the C4

The elegance, as I have, is the lower spec and as standard supplied with 17" Canberra's with 215 / 55 R17 V tyres.
My old C4 Exclusive had 17" phoenix alloys with 225/45 R17 tyres.

Overall, very pleased with the DS even though less spec'd than the old C4 Exclusive we p/exed.
The newer EAT6 is superb in comparison and alone justified the change for us.

StevieB2 29th June 2019 09:01

As regard the EAT6 Auto box, I did consider yet another C4.
However, both the Flair and Feel models, were much lower spec'd than the outgoing C4 Excl, and for not a lot more money, a DS4 could be had.

So decision made:
DS4 = Different Shaped 4, but with an interior so similar (tho lesser quality) to 3 @ C4's I have had.
I think a much nicer looking car, and the driving experience, steering / suspension different too.
Really, I cannot rave enough about the auto gearbox in comparison.

Driving has again become a pleasure.. just the traffic and idiots driving to contend with now..
No gear change hesitation and horror when it selects the wrong one for the circumstances !
Luckily the manual paddles always over rid the computer, when needed !

Now that.. I do NOT miss !:wink:

vexorg 29th June 2019 11:27

Just realised you must have the touch screen, hence who so many fewer buttons, though the steering wheel also has fewer buttons, about half are missing.

I do like a proper auto, not in a fast car, but would prefer for an everyday car.

StevieB2 29th June 2019 14:46

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Yes, it does have the 7" colour touch screen, with satnav, mirror link and a few other goodies I didn't know about.
There are lesser buttons on the steering wheel ( my C4 had more , like your DS, Dave)
Some of these functions are now via the touch screen system, making the steering wheel less cluttered.

Have to say, after 48 hours of collecting the DS4, I returned to the DS dealer..just a little peed off.

The touch screen software went completely out of control.. in one morning it re-booted and re-started no less than 18x !!

Each reboot the system deteriorated, losing all satellites and even though we were 30 miles from home, it was giving me directions as if I was at home. Lost all radio stations, phone contacts.. everything, just kept re-booting.
Completely lost the plot it had.. so it went back, and on a Sunday afternoon too.

Luckily the sales advisor was there, very apologetic and promised it would be sorted the next working day.
They gave me a 67 plate DS3 (petrol auto) as a temporary courtesy car..
While I was very disappointed with the SMEG touch screen failure , they did what they could to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Later Monday afternoon, he called to say the DS4 touchscreen issue had been resolved, with a software/ firmware upgrade to a later version.
Collected it Tuesday, and all is well, the issue has indeed been resolved. so just a little inconvenienced by it.
Faith restored:smile:

Looking forward to exploring the onboard juke box, evidently can upload music and even photo / images to the system for display and play on the touch screen. The sound system is better than that was in the C4 Excl, but the Dab radio still auto tracks between FM and DAB in (allegedly) poorer reception area's.

The Bluetooth connection to mobile is infinitely clearer and better than on the old C4.

One thing I do find bizarre, and put it down to French quirkiness.. ( a bit like the upside down USB socket! )
There is NO way to actually turn the radio OR sat nav function OFF !
Yes, can flick between the two, but they are always live and on, until the engine is turned off.. bizarre or what !
The best you can do is mute the volume, but the sat nav is always busy in the back ground.. though I am getting used to it now..

The software interacts directly with the dash dials too.. usual trip 1 & 2, consumption/ mpg/ duration from and to fill up etc all replace the speedo screen.
The sat nav instructions / directions also replace the digital speedo / mph screen with a touch of the r/hand steering stalk.
When radio is active, a compass appears in similar position too.. useful that is.. as well as radio station etc

I guess this must be why the entire touchscreen stays 'on' all the time.

Just takes a little time to get used to the set up, all the warning screens appear in (colour)on the same speedo dash /clock.

Actually, having had 2 (B7) C4's, I think Citroen / DS have been very clever, using many common parts ( tried and tested) from C4 into the DS4, and improving others. Though I think they lowered the standard specs, making many extras available only as options, when new..
As such I had to compromise, with what I could get, for the available budget.

vexorg 29th June 2019 23:00

You can turn the screen off on the old one, and has the freaky stealth mode for night driving that turned everything off except the speedo.

I had been wondering about looking at if it was possible to upgrade the old to a touch screen type, not sure about that now.

StevieB2 30th June 2019 13:26

The black out (stealth mode) is still there.. one is a button on the dash console and another on the touch screen itself.
Doesn't actually turn anything off tho', just kills the display, its all still working in the back ground.

I actually quite like the new display, as its colour, and a much bigger screen compared to the monochrome of the older C4.
The touch screen element is quite responsive, and eliminates some of the other manual buttons from the dash and steering wheel.

There's clearly quite a sophisticated software involved, even to upgrade the maps you need to enter the VIN into Citroen website to get a code.
I believe each unit is factory coded to the individual vehicle, so you need the Citroen Lexia / programming stuff to do anything with it.

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