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JamesWheeler 7th September 2020 12:15

Xenon headlight highbeam
Hi everyone,
Does anyone have experience with the xexon headlamps. My high beam does not work on one side. It flicked a lot one night l and now does nothing on the drivers side. (passenger side is fine)
It seemed to me like the leads for the high/low solenoid must have been shorting or something. I can get in the back of the unit easily. But can't see any major fault. Does anyone know someone who is experienced in fixing these kinds of things. It's beyond my medoicre tiny electrical wire experience. That and I don't want to put the head lamp in the oven to get the cover off, so suggestions welcome there also.

vexorg 7th September 2020 13:07

I've been meaning to strip mine down, the passenger high beam on mine sometime flicks off, only on bumpy road and only when the light is pointing fully left.

I can only guess it's a bad connector or almost broken wire if it only does it point left.
Problem is that it happens so infrequently that I forget to check it when I do have time.
Would be good to see inside one beforehand.

JamesWheeler 7th September 2020 14:14

Mine did exactly that on the night it failed. Would work with the directional lamps going left. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the humpback bridge earlier that day.

Unfortunately the MOT is due soon. Do we think it'll pass. The best I can see is that main beam has to work in pairs.

vexorg 8th September 2020 09:13

If it comes on when the car is stationary then it'll pass. The direction only works when moving, part of what's putting me off looking at mine, not sure how to make it point left short of jacking up the front end.

JamesWheeler 8th September 2020 12:05

No mine doesn't work at all

JamesWheeler 8th September 2020 12:08

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It's a rubbish screen shot. But that's in the back of the unit. But it's that metal solenoid and the pink and yellow wires that do it. (my wires are broken by my own ham-fistedness) but there is then two tiny leads that come from the other side of the connector to the actual solenoid coil

vexorg 8th September 2020 13:59

Looks like you'll need to dismantle the whole light

JamesWheeler 9th September 2020 20:31

Yeah just not looking forward to doing that. As best as I can tell I need to heat up the sealant before unclipping the front. Me and plastic clips don't get along. And a replacement unit is pretty expensive

JamesWheeler 13th September 2020 12:40

Well it passed the mot. So maybe they don't look too closely at main beam

vexorg 14th September 2020 08:51

Must have worked when they tested it

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