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Delivering exceptional performance with environmental responsibility, DS4 is offered with a choice of five refined and highly efficient Euro 5 engines, which deliver up to 64.2mpg combined cycle fuel economy and CO2 emissions from as little as 114g/km. The three petrol powerplants – VTi 120THP 155 and a new THP 200 – were all co-developed with BMW. The engaging THP 200 delivers enjoyable performance with a top speed of 146mph and 0-62mph in 8.5 seconds.  The maximum power output is 147kW and torque is plentiful with 275Nm at 1,700rpm.  The engine is also designed to be fuel and CO2 efficient, returning a class-leading economy of 44.1mpg over a combined cycle and emissions of just 149g/km. Two diesel engines – HDi 110 and HDi 160 – are fitted with Citroën’s Diesel Particulate Filter System, which virtually eliminates particle emissions.  The HDi 110 is available from launch as an e-HDi version with second generation Stop & Start.

Most manual models are fitted with a Gear Efficiency Indicator (GEI) and the 6-speed EGS transmission has an ‘Auto’ setting that delivers lower fuel consumption than an equivalent manual transmission. e-HDi Citroën’s innovative micro-hybrid technology boosts fuel economy by up to 15% in city driving conditions and reduces CO2 emissions to just 114g/km on the e-HDi 110 version of DS4. The e-HDi powertrain consists of an efficient Euro 5 HDi diesel engine fitted with a second generation Stop & Start system that puts the engine into standby mode when the car is stationary.  Featuring a reversible alternator and an e-booster function, the system allows instantaneous and whisper silent engine restarts.  The electronically controlled alternator also uses regenerative braking to recover energy.  The system even stops the engine before the vehicle comes to a complete halt and operates effectively in temperatures as low as -5°C.  All required features such as the radio, air-conditioning and steering functions remain in operation when the engine is stopped by the system.


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