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  1. Technical
    Hi! I’m new here and hoping someone might be able to help me and my anxiety! I have a DS4 Blue HDi. 16 plate I was driving my family down to South Wales and As we got into wales my urea light came on, service and engine warning light saying Adblue emissions fault..My service and MOT is...
  2. Technical
    Recently had to replace the battery on my DS4. After the replacement I drove about 8 miles before I got an engine fault code appear. After taking to a family friends garage the fault code showed the nox sensor. I had this replaced today, and the fault code wiped, but it still shows. Does anyone...
  3. Technical
    Hi All, First of all hello, this is my first post 🙂 Recently bought a used DS4 with full service history. Must say was very impressed with the car and it's a pleasure to drive, unfortunately it is now in limp mode and I'm suspecting an issue with the injectors or the electrical connectors...
1-3 of 3 Results