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Hi Guys,

Right, I'm struggling to comprehend this fault with the dipped beam not working so I'm hoping someone has some kind of answer or indication to the solution.
2011 DS4 Halogen headlights both are not working, so did the basic thing of replacing the headlamp bulbs with new ones (philips) still the same. Also front fog lamps do not work neither.
Plugged it in to read fault codes and here where the fault codes:
B1137 11 - Fault Right Low Beam Short Circuit To Ground
B1138 11 - Fault output of left low beam headlamp short circuit to ground
B1140 11 - Fault in left front fog lamp short to ground
B113F 11 - Right front fog lamp fault short circuit to ground
B1011 96 - Power output temporarily deactivated internal fault
U1F00 00 - No recording in the error information

When checking live data, operating the switch it would only show the high beam active all the other settings were not becoming active ? Could this be a switch issue? I assumed not as the auto function suggests its working as its illuminated on the dash?
Now I have checked the connections and NS has only 3.5v going to it and the OS has nothing at all. But side lights/DRL and

Firstly has anyone got a wiring diagram for this or can point me in the right direction and secondly has anyone had similar issues?

Thank you in advance !

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