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Having had an enforced and lengthy stay in hospital my poor wee car was in a rather neglected state when I eventually got home. My wife suggested cleaning both the cars onSunday afternoon, so I had to show face and supervise the proceedings.

Whilst maybe not as thorough and expansive a process as I would normally do myself, my wee car now looks more like it should. A good wash down with my favourite AG shampoo & conditioner and then a quick application of AG Aqua Wax and it made such a difference. Even the alloys got a good clean and look great.

I may decide to try and clean the inside myself, after all, it's had two women using it and leaving all sorts of rubbish in there :) That may well happen as this week goes on.

Meantime, it's nice to see the rain beading on the paintwork again, the way it should if you look after it :)
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