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A friend of mine, Carl, recently lost his long battle with Liver cancer at the young age of 34!!

In his last 3 years, he had become very interested in Car Detailing and thanks to me, (his words) he spent a fair amount on Gadgets and products, most unused, apart from the detailing sprays. He found it difficult in the last year and QD was his product type of choice

I had a call last week from his wife to tell me that he had asked her, before his death to give all his Detailing stuff to me.

So""¦..I was humbled and at the same time, sad, to go up today and sort through the Garage. Amy, his wife was at pains to say that he wanted me to have everything""¦but I was a bit more selective and took a few products and tools (see below)

I have been collecting, on Carl's behalf to Sue Ryder (Manorlands Hospice), so I donated some cash to that today..I now have almost reached my £1000 target cleaning and detailing for this worthwhile cause


Soft99 Authentic

Soft99 Fusso (Dark)

Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid

Dodo Juice Banana Armour

Dodo Juice Orange Crush

Dodo Juice Purple Haze

Dodo Juice Basics of Bling

Valet Pro Beading Marvellous

Victoria Concours

Art de Shine Obsidian

Chemical Guys XXX Hardcore

Farecla G3 Resin liquid Wax

Autobrite Hellshine Abyss

Mer Hybrid liquid Wax

Auto Glym HD Wax

Jof's Classic Liquid Wax

QD Spays (Wax and Sealants)

Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer (5 Litres)

Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 QD

Autobrite Project 32 QD

Autobrite Elegance QD

MucOff Detailer wax spray QD

FinishKare #425 QD

Mainz Honey Bee QD


Gyeon Prep x2

Gyeon Q2M Iron out (5 litres)

Farecla Clay Mitt

Mainz Revival Tyre Dressing

Sonax Profiline 04/06 Polish

CYC DAS 21-E Dual Action Polisher

30 assorted Polishing pads with box

50 product/wax applicator pads (Red and Yellow)

Round adjustable Garage work stool
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