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I have the black/white display on the radio, not the colour screen.

I have issues with my phone whenever I have had it connected to the bluetooth. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3.

When I get in the car it automatically pairs and the car display shows the battery and signal. This happens every time. But when I try to play music from the phone, the display shows a song on the playlist (13 songs) and the play symbol, but no music plays. Sometimes it will play if I cycle from FM to bluetooth a couple of times. But mostly it just doesn't play. If I actually grab the phone and select play on it, it will play through the car and the car controls will work again!

The hands free will work regardless usually - sometimes it will stop too.

The worst thing is that when I leave the car, the phone is dead and requires me to remove the battery to get it back on. This has happened 3 times today! But not every time (it doesnt seem to happen when I use the phone to get the playlist working).

Is this a phone issue or a car issue? Have Citroen issued any updates for the software in the car? My car was reg'd Sep 2012.

Thanks guys
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