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Anybody have any issues with the boot handle on their ds4? I am talking about the black plastic portion that pivots to press a micro switch. (see picture below)
There are two prongs on the back and mine have snapped meaning the handle is constantly pressing the micro switch and preventing the boot from latching unless I manually push it back.

A quote from Citroen to supply and fit the whole trim without paint of £230 is ridiculous. The car unfortunately is a couple of months out of warranty, it is disappointing that a part like this would brake so early on in the car's life.

My main question is whether anyone would know if this part can be bought alone or if an alternate model of Citroen or Peugeot has one that I can take from a scrap yard. The Peugeot 207 handle is similar and can be purchased as an individual component but I cant find a DS4 one.

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