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I am pleased to offer Detailing Services to all Members to include:<ul ="bbc"="">[*]Full or part Detail (Protection and/or Enhancement as required)[*]Instruction in Polishing with a Dual Action and/or Rotary Polishing Machine[*]Instruction in Cleaning your cherished vehicle to the highest standards [*]New Car Preparation and Protection work carried out (Please inquire for details)[/list]Detailing/Polishing instruction is available and will be offered on an individual and small group basis..Prices on request
Note: A Full Car detail takes many hours, even days ...depending on the work required

Detailing Prices will depend on the condition and work required on the car

Please indicate which level of service you require at the time of booking (Times are approximate)

COPPER... £10 for a Wash with Snow Foam and TBM (1 hour)

BRONZE... £20 to £30 for a wash and a wax or sealer top up (A few to choose from) (2 to 4 Hours)

SILVER... £50 upwards for a protection detail (This includes removal of old waxes and Sealers (Detox) and a light machine polish to cleanse the paintwork. Application of a protection layer of Wax or Sealer (A few to choose from), Clean and seal wheels, Clean glass....(Interior clean is an optional extra) (3 to 5 hours)

GOLD... £100 upwards for paint work enhancement (Using DAS-21E Dual Action Polisher and Rupes LH18ENS Rotary Polisher) (5 to 8hours+)
(Full details on request)

PLATINUM... £150 As Gold + with Interior Clean and Glass Sealant/Water Repellent & Engine bay cleaned and sealed (7-10 hours) May require a second day

Extras: Interior clean..Add £20 Wheel protection using Carbon Collective Ceramic Sealer...Add £50 (at least 10 days notice required)
NOTE: A Paint Thickness Gauge is used to measure areas of your car prior to polishing/enhancement
Work carried out to the highest possible standards with the utmost care at all times
Other work..Spot Scratch/defect removal is charged at £10 per panel...Inspection requiredeMail: [email protected]I live in Bingley, West Yorkshire. Please contact me (On thread below oreMail) to discuss your requirements, indicating which level of work you requireThanks

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