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Well the weather came cold and guess what my ice alert still does'nt work!

To any new readers this is a long running saga that started December 2012 when car only 10 months old when all sort of electronic problems occurred - Citroen dragged heels until May when I got Auto Express involved. They said they had a magic software cure, problem was temperature too hot to test ice alert (one of original issues), jump to now and they have had it back, and Citroen have told garage to see what another DS4 does when cold because they don't know!! Unbelievable

Now after changing wheels and tyres I find TPMS is not working either (probably never was). Still thinks tyres okay when they have no sensors on!! Citroen don't know what to do about that either!

It looks like Auto Express will be getting another call......

If anyone out there has TPMS does it normally flash up at start-up to say all tyres okay or do you need to press service button to see this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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