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Hi All,

First of all hello, this is my first post 🙂

Recently bought a used DS4 with full service history. Must say was very impressed with the car and it's a pleasure to drive, unfortunately it is now in limp mode and I'm suspecting an issue with the injectors or the electrical connectors, however it would be great to get your opinions on this, and whether you maybe had the same combination of the fault codes? Should I be worried about the contribution/balance codes or are they a result of the limp mode?

Bought a OBD to read the codes, it came up with the following ones:
P0262 - Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit High
P0263 - Cylinder 1 Contribution/Balance
P0266 - Cylinder 2 Contribution/Balance
P0269 - Cylinder 3 Contribution/Balance

I also saw this video on YT which was very useful
apart from the fact that it missed out on disconnecting the vaccum hose that I accidentally damaged the connector of.

Anyway, the damage to the injector wiring was in the exactly same place as on the video, however it didn't seem to me that the inner wires were damaged, so while I'm hoping it will solve the issue, there's a possibility it might be something else causing the high circuit code.

Will update with the picture of the damage and will try to insulate and secure it and see how that goes and will update once I replace the broken vaccum hose connector.
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