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I ordered my DS4 in Poland on October 2011 (1.6 THP 155 MCP) with a delivery date December 2011. Unfortunatelly, there has been some delays and I was told inmid Decemberthat I would get my DS4 mid February 2012.
From January 2012 Citroen ceased to offer DS4 THP 155 MCP and replaced it with THP 160 fully automatic gearbox. Citroenhave neverinformed me (in December or later) that such change will be made and have not offered me a change from MCP to fullautomatic gearbox (if I had a choice I would choose the full automatic gearbox).

Whether any of you drive the DS4 with MCP gearbox (manual gearbox with electronic steering - semi automatic)? Could you share your opinions about the driving? I have read that this MCP gearbox is quite slow as it comes to changing the gears and I am wondering whether tostick to this MCP or order a new DS4 with new automatic gearbox and wait another 3 months. Waht would you suggest?


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