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I have a Citroen DS4 2012 petrol vehicle, she has about 215 000km on the clock. I had taken the car in for a service at a Citroen dealer and was advised that my timing chain needed changing, which was done.

Car came back smoking with a massive oil leak. I was told it's my crank seal and sump seal. They replaced the crank seal and resealed the sump.

Car came back still smoking and not idling consistently, almost hunting. Took it back, told me it's my tappet cover which was replaced as well.

My car is still smoking, white smoke on pull off with a smell and still idling inconsistently.

They've now said my engine is going anc the car is on its way out.

My car may have thousands of kms on the clock, but she never smoked and didn't have idling issues before the service.

I would like to trade the car in but need a proper diagnosis and repair to have it fixed first.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
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