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Good morning, my name is Rodrigo, I live in Windhoek, Namibia. My wife bought her DS4 THP 160 SPORT from the local Citroen dealer in September 2012. The Citroen dealership's across Namibia have in the meanwhile closed down.
The DS4 started with the following problems which I will do my best to describe via my wife's description of the problem: When starting the car, the Engine Failure alarm sign goes on. The car starts vibrating and has very little power. If reversing, car stutters along, sometimes even stalls. When I start the car again, sometimes I have to accelerate heavily while in parked position to get more power going. Other times it’s fine, no stuttering.
Mostly I have to drive slowly as there’s a distinct lack of power even though a local mechanic says the fuel pressure is 100%.
When in second gear and I need to accelerate to get up a hill, the gear doesn’t change to the 3rd for far too long. The problems then suddenly go away for a day and then returns with a vengeance.
I would really appreciate any advise. Thanks and regards.
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