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Bought my DS4 in August last year and it will be leaving me on Wednesday

I like it generally, but just hasn't quite "gelled" with me.
I find the rear quarter visibility very poor and nearly had a collision a few months ago pulling out at a junction and just didn't see the car coming (and I am someone who looks,, looks, and looks again) and after that, am constantly doubting I have a clear view of the road at junctions

When we were at the dealer looking at the DS4 and sorting out deal etc back in August, sat in the DS5 and thought that was quite funky and really cool, but target was sporty smallish 4-door hatch. But started thinking of DS5 again a few days ago and decided to have another look last Saturday, and a shiny DS5 will be in the driveway on Wednesday evening

Painful depreciation after 8 months of ownership, but cost to change is not too bad .... DS4 115 Airdream DStyle to DS5 115 Airdream Style is costing £4k, but going 10k less miles, 6 months younger car and gaining the Panoramic roof, keyless entry & start, and reversing camera (all features I had before and loved and really was missing on the DS4)
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