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Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues...

I have a dS4 airdream 1.6 automatic, 61 reg. Been driving it for 2 months. Yesterday as I came to a stop at the traffic lights, the car rolled back slightly, and it went into eco mode. Just as I was about to set off again, realised the handbrake had come on and the engine hadn't and wouldn't restart. So I put my hazards on, restarted the car and it was fine again and has been fine today. I went to my local dealer but they said they'd never heard of anything like it before (they asked me if I was SURE I'd filled it with diesel and not petrol - must've had a "I am a numpty" sign on my forehead) but they were happy to book me in for a diagnostics check (£80 only!!) to see what the problem might be.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Any help/thoughts would be much appreciated!
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