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I've been the proud owner of a DS4 2.0HDI 160 Dstyle for a
month or so, absolutely love it. Just
thought I'd see if any of you have experienced the niggles I've had with
playing MP3 files off the USB input on the Emyway system. On my last car (Skoda Octavia) I had my music
on a 16 GB SDHC card in nested artist/album folders which I plugged into the
head unit. However, I've plugged that
card into a USB SD card reader and plugged that into the DS4's USB port and
found that it doesn't read all the files/folders off the card ""“ when you browse
the folders some simply don't appear.

After a bit of experimentation I think I've found the
answer. There seems to be some limit on
the number of files/folders the system can read, I haven't worked out the exact
number but seems to be slightly over 2000 and if you have more than that it
seems to randomly discard files/folders in no logical order. The manual doesn't seem to mention this from
what I can see, just the 1000 track limit on using the random selection.

I haven't tried the same files on a 16GB USB drive but can't
believe it will be any different.

Hope this helps some of you, and if anybody has any more
wisdom on the subject I'd be interested.
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