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ROADTEST CITROËN DS4 2.0 HDI SPORT: THE DECISION by Citroën to use the DS nomenclature was always going to be controversial. The original DS is a style icon and there was the feeling that adding this to the DS3, which looked like a car littered with detritus from a ram-raid on Halfords, was a marketing exercise too far. The DS3 was pitched as a Mini rival, with infinite customisation options and the same sort of cheeky appeal as the BMW-made Mini.

But Citroën is not yet done with the DS range. There is now another member of the family and this one perhaps makes more sense for our market.

The DS4 is a cousin of the Citroën C4. Now imagine that cousin went on the kind of makeover show where the pleasant-but-jaded housewife gets sent to a bizarre-looking plastic surgeon for a makeover, when all she really needed was a week off. Collagen injections, silicon implants and some Christian Louboutin shoes later, and her husband looks as shocked as he is delighted at her ""unveiling""�.

The DS4 is a bit of a styling hybrid. It is part coupé, part hatchback and a little bit SUV. It is one of those cars that is difficult to categorise and Citroën itself doesn't seem to want to put it into any particular compartment.
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