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I have a new 19in cairns alloy wheel with tyre for sale for DS4 Hdi Dsport 2L,bought as was fed up as car had no spare now unfortunately having to get rid of car so wheel excess to requirements .Costs about £600 new, itsunused but will accept £275 OVNOBARTY1

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Hi all I got some Ds4 Parts for sale:

Front Bumper
Front Chrome Grill
Front plastic Slam panel
Front Lights Both
Both Wings
All 4 Doors
Rear Bumper
Rear Slam Panel
Rear Brake Lights
Sport 18" Alloys 2 Tone
Interior Plastic Trim
Centre Console
Cd Player
Bluetooth stereo
Air vents
Rear Axle complete with Hub, Brakes and Suspension Legs
Engine with Drive Shafts Only Done (10,200 Miles) New engine

Full Car apart from Dashboard, Side airbags, and Front airbags and
Interior is available too with full electric seats.

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Mark_Rocks said:
I know its been a couple of months but are you still selling some of the parts. Does it come with eMyway, I'm thinking of retrofitting it.
To get the full eMyWay setup, would you also need to change the dash unit instrument panel? There is a major difference there which probably needs to be addressed to have a 'true' eMyWay install (just thinking when you come to resell car and would want to say you had this system)
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