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Only done about 1,000 miles since getting my DS4, BUT .... It had 10k on the clock so is probably pretty well fully run in.

I reset trip 1 pretty well on first fill up when I got the car, and have reset trip 2 a few times to monitor the economy for a journey out of curiosity

It would appear that once I have done maybe 100 miles or so, the Trip 2 economy tends to match the overall economy shown in Trip 1 within .1 or .2 of an MPG, that being 51.2 MPG.

From reading a few posts talking about economy on the eHDi with EGS box, it looks like 51-52MPG is the typical economy achieved as well.

Seems that the type of driving conditions don't affect the fuel economy! My driving tends to be in hilly areas, little traffic (the Eco Meter might show about 10 seconds of stopped engine in 50 miles), no motorway and little dual carriageway. But at the weekend I drove down to Harrogate, which involved a fair bit of motorway, a little more congested, but still trip settled on 51.2MPG after 100 miles or so and fluctuated very little each way.

Other eHDi drivers seeing same consistency?

While 51MPG is below quoted numbers, I am not really disappointed with it, as I never seem to eek out what others do with same car anyway, and my previous cars quoted economy was 39MPG and I used to get approx 32 max (so having a motor that does about 65% better is brilliant anyway!!)
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