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Hello to all from a newbie. I'm very impressed with the site (well done Dan), the members and the depth of info. I have ordered a polar white Dstyle 2:0 litre HDi with eMyWay which should be delivered around end of November. I traded in a 3 y o Pugeot 3008 2:0L HDi so am already familiar with auto wipers, auto lights, elec parking break and hill assist etc. The only things I will miss are the HUD unit and the cielo panoramic roof.
I understand that it's a purely personal thing but I decided against the Dsport as I didn't want leather (although Habana looks nice) and I did not want the 19" wheels but I hadn't realised that I would not get the perla nera side rubbing strips. So yesterday I called in to Manchester Citroen to add them as an option only to be told that as my vehicle has now been given a chassis number it was too late to add them but I could have them fitted after it had arrived for twice the price. I think that this is crazy, after all they only need sticking on after painting. My question therefore is, has anyone managed to get these four bits of plastic for less then £300 ?
I fell in love with DS4 on first sight and had to have one even though in the words of one member I'll look like "Mutton dressed as lamb" as I am a retired 63 y o.
Finally my apologies for being long winded, I'll keep my next posts shorter, promise.
Thanks to all
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