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Posted a few messages, but didn't introduce myself first

Name is David.

Great fan of forums to share info and experiences, so here to chat about the DS4 that we all seem to love. For us, it was kind of love at first sight! And just 2 days ago!!
Needed to find a new vehicle after my RAV4 got nicked, and didn't know what to get at all. Went to Toyota dealer and tried Auris (good but boring), looked at VW Golfs (boring and overpriced), Focus and Astra (ok, I didn't really look at them, just past them
Rocked into the Citroen dealership to look at a C4 and there in front of us was a DS4 in Hickory Brown. Love or hate that colour, it sure grabs the attention!
Looked around the car, sat in it, then did a test drive and loved it.
Not perfect and TBH a more sensible choice instead of the DS4 DStyle would be the C4 Exclusive (I think it is?), especially with that big panoramic roof option (I used to have a Qashqai Tekna with one and the roof was fantastic), but the style of the DS4 externally, and the sporty interior won the day.
After a boxy RAV4 (albeit a fully loaded and extremely good car), which came after a boxy Qashqai, which followed another boxy RAV4 (another very good car though), guess it's time for a change

As an aside, I do Alloy Wheel Refurbs and fix bumper scuffs, etc, so any questions along those lines, feel free to ask! (I carry out work for my local Citroen Dealer on wheels & bumpers, so hope to get a good deal on my new DS4 with them


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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