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I would imagine (read that as hope) that the wheel nut key is dedicated to your car so a spare one is possibly unlikely, but.......

if you are reasonably DIY savy you can repair your lock key if, when you say 3 pins are broken you are describing the situation where the pins have fallen out. It is possible to replace the pins with a cut down drill bit. This is something a friend did for me when my Xsara dropped two pins. It was supposed to be a 'short term fix' and I did buy a new set (dont ask how much they cost - i hate to see a grown man cry) but the repair was a little over two years ago and it is still fine.

Once you have confirmed the exact size of pin/drill it is a case of shortening the shaft down and taping into place. As long as no one goes ape with a power gun, it should last a good while and save ££££

Hope this helps

DSport 160
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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