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Hi everyone.
I am new here.
I hope you are well?!
I was Googling about the issue with my car.
And it brought me to you lovely people!

For the last three weeks or more I have had issues with my 13 plate DS4! It seems to be regardless of the weather when it happens

What it's doing is having hardly any power. And when going into second gear and start acceleration again. The can then becomes starved of fuel and jumps, like it has kangaroo juice! The car also sounds like it's tapping, but I thought that would be a petrol thing?!

My Dad took it to the dealer earlier, and they said it might just be a software update that's required. Surely something so little couldn't help my car with the fault I am experiencing as it seems so drastic!

I've had my car just over a year, it's only hit 14k miles and never had any issues with it! It's gutting.

Any ideas?!
Thank you in advance :)

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It could be anything MandyIt should still be under I would get it to the Dealer and let them plug it in and see what the codes say (Codes are generated by the ECU when a fault is detected)
Good luck
Let us know how you get on

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