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Good Morning from a surprisingly sunny West Sussex

We are new to DS-ing, as of this weekend we became the proud owners of a 'Whisper Purple' (though I describe it as Aubergine
) D Sport 160, an ex dealer demo car with only 165 miles on the clock.

I was surprised, and very pleased to see a DS dedicated forum, and have even put a membership request to the Citroen Owners Club too (anyone else here in the club ?)

Wow, buttons everywhere, shiney stuff and leather too, it is my spouses' first new car, and is pleased as punch with the new addition. Its not our first Citroen though, and looking back over our 30 yrs (as of June) together I realise we do have a bit of a 'trend' in automotive choice. Not particularly Francophiles, we have had... a Talbot, a Renault, 2 Peugeots, and consecutively a Xantia 1 then a Xantia 2 Exclusiv Est. As a companion we added a Xsara, and with the recent departure of the Xantia, the (very unexpected) arrival of the 4.

Wrapped about them were a total of 5 classics, a Triumph GT6 and 4 Hillman Imps (I am currently rebuilding a 72 saloon) - the Imps are related, in a sort of 'family tree' way, as they are from the Chrysler era of the Rootes Group, which became Talbot and then part of the Peugeot - Citroen dynasty.

I/we are looking forward to the DS forum, and to the Citroen Owners Club, it will make a welcome change from being amongst folk who call them sh*troens and sl*g of French cars in general & Citroens in particular when they have not owned one - nor probably even driven one for any length of time

Here is to a great start and a sunny 2016 summer

Ian aka DSport 160

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Welcome aboard Ian
Same colour as ours
Hope you can stick around and make a contribution

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