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Hi guys. My DS4 just encounter a problem yesterday. It's 4 years old now and I bought it second hand last year from a very well care owner.

So, it was in the heat of Malaysian weather around 34celcius and then, suddenly the red STOP sign appear and it appeared that my maximum coolant temperature light is on and sudden loss of air con all together.

I park it and check the fan if it's still working and yes it's still function as normal as it should. No leakage whatsoever. Even the coolant is still full.

I waited one hour to cool it down and switch on the engine back. The lights and all are gone, even the aircond is back as per normal but then after drove it few feets away and it started to reappear back. Whenever the warning lights are on, I had a sudden loss of air cond too (is this normal?)

My best guess would be the faulty coolant pump or the sensor but it's that problem comes together with the loss or aircond as well? Because as I mentioned earlier that the fan is still working.

I will send my car tommorow but I'm afraid I might break the radiator or the engine in this sort of tropical heat. Need help.
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