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Hi all, been offline for a while, but decided to update the SatNav maps as mine were showing 2010-11 maps.
You'd think that it would be simple to do this wouldn't you....
You have to purchase online and await the package including a CDR for traffic alerts and a USB for maps.
You have to then register on line with your VIN number and code sent with package, you then get emailed another activation number you need.if you paid for it and ordered it for your year car, why not activation code in pack, like normal software?
Then to load you have to load EACH country separately!!! No whole of Europe option. Each takes about 40 mins so, Germany, Spain, Benelux, UK, France, Italy, mid Europe, scandinavia, western eastern Europe, eastern eastern Europe, southern Easter Europe, ( I assume these are former soviet countries), takes a frigging long time to load!! And you cannot pause halfway through a country and you need your engine running to do it!!
The new maps are better, but.... It does NOT use postcodes still.
So in hindsite, unless you desperately want new maps on your 2011 - 2112 DS4 forget it!!!
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