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hi all, i have just purchased a 2014 plated ds4 1.6e-hdi airdream dstyle [Nav]i am wanting to update the nav and i have ben onto the ciiteon navigation site where the update is purchased and reading down it states this as important info
The minimum software version required to use this product is 2.10. If you have a lower version of software labor time might be charged at the dealership to complete a software upgrade ""OK""� To check your version, press the "setup" button for a short while, and the help menu will show up. Select "device description" and "software". If your version is lower than 2.10 , we invite you to visit your dealer, who will proceed to the firmware update.]i cant sem to get my nav to show the version using this procedure :( because the help menu doesnt have the "device description" and "software" as an option to select.any help would be appreciated
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