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Morning All,

New on here, although not new to car forums in general. Always the best placefor valued info!

The wife bought aused 1.6THP, a few months ago.

No problems, apart from the Temp. Sensor is playing up. Dash warning comes on and the fan is on. I knew it must have been a faulty temp sensor, as the engine was cold to the touch, but the fan was on - a good sign.

So, along with slight pitting to the rear lower bumper chrome trim insert, needing renewing, it went into the dealer nearly two weeks ago.

Now, after reading on here about the temp. sensor, I thought they'd have one in stock, or at least next delivery. As for the bumper trim, I thought it'd be a longer lead time, but it obviously isn't as vital, so not concerned. They said it'd be around a week for both, and that they'd call - brought car away. The call didn't come, so my wife called them last week, and, both still not in stock.

Then, the EM light came on the dash yesterday, and is stuck on now. So she phoned the dealer again this morning, and they said it may be related to the temp. sensor. However, the temp. sensor and the chrome insert are still not in stock. The wife has insisted she take it back tomorrow, in case it isn't related as she doesn't want to cause any further damage to the car, if it isn't.

My gut feeling, is that it will need a Software update, as well as the temp. sensor. However I can't believe the Temp. Sensor is on a 2 week lead time - surely it's a part which fits most PSA group cars?

Also, anyone care to guess what the EM light will be on for - any common causes on this engine for it?

Thanks All.
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