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Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can help me out here. I'm a relatively new driver (got my license a year ago) and my first/current car is a DS4 Crossback (65 registration, 45k miles on the clock). I don't know much about cars/dealing with garages etc., so hoping someone might have some advice for me here....

A couple of months after buying the car (which I bought last October) an engine fault light came on and it transpired that it was a faulty urea/adBlue tank. This was replaced for free by Citroen, due to a recall issue, and the car was given a full service in January of this year. There have been no further issues until last night. The engine fault light came on and said that there was a risk of the particle filter clogging, so I consulted the handbook/online and took it for a fast drive on the motorway to clear it. That warning no longer comes up. However, I took it back on the motorway this morning and on my way home the engine fault light came back on, this time saying emissions control error and something about adBlue....(!) So, I now have an engine fault light, a UREA fault light and a service light all lit up on the dash. I consulted the handbook and it says 'this warning will disappear when emissions normalise', and gives no further advice/clue. This is all made worse by the fact that my car's MOT expires in two weeks.

Due to Covid, the dealers are all closed at weekends here, and apparently are fully booked for the next couple of months. Given that my MOT is due, and that they replaced this tank only in January (aka it has a warranty on it), what should I do here? Is this a serious fault? Should I push them for more? Also, does anybody have ANY experience of getting through to an actual DS employee/technician? I can find no such number. The MOT was booked for Halfords and they've advised me that only the dealer can address the UREA light in this car....

Sorry about the very long post, just feeling a bit lost and unsure how serious this all is/what the best plan of attack is. Don't want to be without a car for 2 months or to get ripped off. Would hugely appreciate any thoughts/advice from fellow DS drivers! This adBlue thing seems to be an issue for many of us....


p.s. I noticed lots of white residue (in little spots) across the back of the car this morning after clearing out that clog last night on the motorway - is this connected?!
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