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Since end of November I am proud owner of a new DS4 2.0 Blue HDi 150 S&S MAN6 So chic. Lovely car, steardy appearance,...but... (I'm Belgian so my apologies if some words are incorrect)After a few days we senced a sort of vibration coming through the clutch pedal, the steering-wheel and the gear stick, at most when the car needed power (+2000 rpm)
Some days we didn't feel anything, some days we did. (now after 3 months it is always present)
The car went back to our garage twice. First they put the car on the computer to see if the computer could tell them something but there were no defects given. So nothing going on according to Citroën. Not possible according to them!
We didn't stop going back to our garage! There is something wrong with our car. But as long as the garage themselfs can't experience the problem they can't begin to search or replace anything. And the computer says ... nothing so there can't be anything wrong.
Then someone from Citroën Belgium came to test our car. He drove for 300km but concluded that the car is technical OK. But before riding the car, he put the car on the computer and we have noticed that erverytime the car came back from the garage, the car was OK during a few days so apparently the software is doing something with the car (for a few days).
These are our findings:
1. the car doesn't start willingly but when it does the problem is mostly non-existent or less.
2. in low gear you can't feel it well but when you accelerate going into gear 3-4-5-6 and from 2000rpm you begin to feel the problem, so every time you are asking for power
3. the first ride (cold engine) is mostly worst. If you have stopped (engine already warm) and go riding again (starts better) the problem is less or even gone.
4. the feeling is like a car that is regenerating (in new cars you don't feel it anymore when the car is regenerating but in older cars you really felt the loss of power when the car was regenerating). It feels like the car is having a lot of 'consumers' at the same time (like you would light AC, heating, windscreen defrosting, all the consumers at the same time)
5. the engine makes a more roaring sound
6. changing gear doesn't go smoothly
Next week we have a new appointment with people of Citroën. They will try again to experience the problem (this time they won't put the car first on the computer) so I keep my fingers crossed. If they don't feel it, they won't go further looking for the problem. After 30 years of riding with a car (8 different cars) my husband and I can feel if there is something wrong with a car. We notice details. We also love riding a (good) car and now we have a car with lots of power we would regret if this car can't be fixed.
DS4 is really a beautiful 'beast'.
Sorry for my long topic as a new DS4 member
but maybe someone has some suggestions?
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