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Hi everyone,

Just got my ds4 about 4 months ago,got to say its the best car I've ever bought, just love the way it looks and the higher ride height.

Today however I encountered a bit of an issue as when I went to put window down I heard a pinging noise and then a grinding noise... Took the door insert off an transpires the wire on the window regulator has snapped, called about trying to get a replacement for the last 2hours but can't seem to get one. Called Citroen and they want about £260 for a new one!!! Its daylight robbery and I'm really reluctant to pay it.

Does anyone know where I can pick one up cheaper or does anyone know of anywhere that sells after market ds4 parts? Obviously don't want to buy one from a scrapyard / breaker as you never know what ur going to get and as it has a motor on it most won't give you your money back if it transpires it doesn't actually work. Would one from a standard C4 work?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.Edited by: Foggy
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